A Dreich December Walk

Saturday 1st December 2018

Ballykelly Bank – 10 miles

Wee bit belated getting this post together …. our December walk and the last of the year! It was a dreich day, which started off dry but just went downhill after that.

We started off from Ballykelly village and made our way towards Ballykelly Bank along Lough Foyle.

On route we passed a ‘cairn of peace’ from a past world ploughing contest held in 2004. The area has produced some home grown ploughing champions in the past and I can think of at least 2 other cairns nearby.

Cairn of Peace, Foyle View Farm
Old fashioned horse plough
Cairn of Peace (2004)

The walk along the bank is linear and you can walk all the way down to the Roe estuary ( We walked as far as Ballymacran bank and then, due to the poor visibility, took a detour inland towards the popup shop at Broglasco Farm at Broighter.

Binevenagh in the distance
Looking towards Ballykelly Forest
Mist setting in
Back pond collecting drained water from reclaimed land
A day for ducks …
Or a family of swans!

Broglasco farm is the home of Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil ( and they had a lovely popup shop open for the day.

Broighter Gold, Broglasco Farm
Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil
Broglasco Farm, Broighter
Cairn of Peace (1991), Broglasco Farm

After departing the busyness of the farm, and pre-Christmas shopping, we headed back towards Ballykelly and The Nativity Festival at Tamlaghtfinlagan Parish Church.

Tamlaghtfinlagan Parish Church, Ballykelly
Some of the nativity displays
A host of angels
While shepherds watched their flocks by night

It was a lovely way to end our December walk and got us in the mood for Christmas! And at 10 miles wasn’t a shoddy way to complete the year either!

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